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A glimpse into the mysterious and magical world of flower essences

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

✽ ✽ ✽

Let us plant seeds of curiosity

Allow our ribs to unfurl like petals of a rose

Let us open our hearts to the mystery

Inviting our intuition and imagination to flutter from one bloom to the next

May we delight our senses with sweetness and nuance

May we enter into this world, gently, as if moving through honey

Let us embody the way of the bee, the hummingbird

and allow the blossoming nectar to soothe our tender aches

May our bodies open

May our hearts soften

May our inner eyes see clearly the inner worlds of possibility

May we flourish into whom we are destined to become

May we welcome the flowers to show us the way

✽ ✽ ✽

✽ ✽ ✽

What are flower essences?

Flower Essences are a form of homeopathic herbal medicine. A liquid extract that essentially contain the energetic blueprint or signature of the flowering part of a plant. Ancient peoples perceived the precious morning dew atop the petals of flowers as sacred medicine, as the answers to many of our questions. Although Flower Essences have many, many ancient antecedents, the precise application of flower essences for specific emotions and attitudes was first developed by english physician, Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's.

Unlike tinctures and other forms of herbal remedies, flower essences do not work because of the chemical composition of the liquid but because of the life forces derived from the plant and contained within the water matrix. They are vibrational in nature. They work through the various human energy fields, which in turn influence mental, emotional and physical well-being.

These remedies can also be understood as holographic (light-wave interference patterns which contain information from the whole.) We can think of the water matrix containing the blossoms as receiving a kind of imprint of the essential qualities of the plant. Each drop of water contains the whole configuration of the plant's archetype.

Because flower essences are homeopathic remedies, the level of dilution they require makes them an incredibly ecologically + sustainable choice as they require minimal plant material — one flower is all that is needed to make an essence. That mother essence can then go on to create thousands of individual remedies.

The chosen flower is infused using the light of the sun into a bowl of water (I use water from local, natural springs or the wild water source closest to the flower), which is then diluted and potentized and preserved with brandy. The purity of the environment, the vibrancy and potency of the blossoms, celestial and meterological conditions as well as the physical + energetic properties of the plant through it's growth cycle all play a significant role and require careful attention when preparing the essence.

flower + water + SUNLIGHT

It is the flower essence's subtlety that make these medicines so potent. Working with flower essences requires an opening in our thinking beyond the materialistic assumptions of more and stronger are better. They invite us into presence with subtlety, sensitivity and receptivity to life and it's flourishing potential.

Flower essences are one of the most gentle and subtle forms of medicine. They contain no flavour, fragrance or physical trace of the constituents of the plants making them incredibly non-invasive and safe to work with, including for children, adolescents, and during and after pregnancy. Of course we must use discernment when working with/ingesting any medicine, what may be suited for one person, may not be suited for us. Intuition, discernment and awareness of one's own body + responses to the medicine is key.

"Gentle medicine shapes the world and our lives. The changes that flower essences facilitate are subtle at first, but profound over time. A canyon is formed by a single fissure in stone, worn away by wind and water, to reveal a landscape transformed. With the help of the essences, drop by drop, even the most hardened parts of our own psyches inevitably begin to yield, soften, flow, and grow wider than we'd ever dreamt possible." — SOPHIA ROSE

How can flower essences support you?

Each plant, creature, and element carries a unique gift and blueprint, a one-of-a-kind essence to share with the world. Essentially, with the awareness that everything alive contains an energetic blueprint, we can create an essence out of anything and receive it as medicine... Though flower essences have been well researched for their therapeutic use and healing properties.

Flower essences carry the distilled wisdom + gifts that each flower has to share with the world through capturing the energetic essence, sacred geometry and resonance harmony of the flower. Their subtle nature creates a deep connection to the emotional and energetic rhythms of our bodies. They are often used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development and mind-body health. Flower essences function beyond the limits of the symptomatic approach of the modern medical system, they are not merely remedies to fix emotional symptoms, rather they serve as catalysts for awareness, transformation and connection. Flower essence therapy aims to bring balance to the psyche by flooding the mind and emotions with the positive virtues of flowers, therefore enabling the body, mind and spirit to return to a state of balance (N. Pearson)

"The action of flower essences can be compared to the effects we experience from hearing a particularly moving piece of music, or seeing an inspirational work of art. The light or sound waves which reach our senses may evoke profound feelings in our soul, which indirectly affect our breathing, pulse rate and other physical states... This is the phenomenon of resonance. The specific structure and shape of the life forces conveyed by each flower essence resonate with and awaken particular qualities within the human soul." — PATRICIA KAMINSKI + RICHARD KATZ

Flower essences are medicine of the Heart and Spirit. Receiving their frequency into our bodies allows us to attune to the energetics, properties and resonance of the flower and helps us bloom in our own lives to bring forward our unique gifts and medicine that we came here to share.

Integrating flower essences into your life.

Art by Mirella Salamé (@fertilepalms)

Flower essences can be integrated into our lives in a variety of ways. Intentional interaction with these medicines can go a long way in connecting with the energetics and healing properties of the plant.

The 'recommended dose' is x4 drops, x4/day or however it best suits you, use your intuition and practice deep listening to your own body + the flowers journeying with you.

  • drop under tongue or in a glass of drinking water

  • add to bathwater

  • add into a spray or spritz

  • meditate with the essence

  • apply to acupressure points

  • take before bed to dream with the flower essence

  • journal upon intaking the essence

  • apply to the skin or any areas of the body in need of healing

  • place a few drops in the palms of your hands and rub together, then trace your hands along your auric + energetic fields

  • offer drops of this essence back to the earth

"...When you no longer know how to go further, let the plants tell you, the plants that you let spring up, grow, blossom, and fruit within you. Learn the language of the flowers. All earth-dwellers are able to understand the language of the flowers, for their teacher is the Sun-Spirit who speaks to every human heart.The plants point the way from grave to resurrection through whatever clefts and abysses, over whatever pastures and to whatever heights the path may lead: elderberry, wild rose, chrysanthemum, aster — they are the stair steps of transformation, of purification, and of healings from the wrongs and woes of the world." — ALBERT STEFEN

✽ ✽ ✽

Wander through The Nectar Nest's Flower Essence Apothecary to find the unique flower awaiting your arrival. Allow yourself to be chosen, listen to your intuition + trust the spirit of the flora.


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