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a somatic and empathic co-regulation exploration

May our mere togetherness serve as the soothing reorientation for our illusions of aloneness. May we ground ourselves deep into the belly of the Earth, so to embody a soft place for each other to rest. May our presence serve as a collective remembrance that our gentleness is the way out of separateness. May belonging drip from our fingertips and settle any sense of uneasiness. May we learn to hold one another in a way that honours each other's sacredness. May we stand side by side, heart in hand, and vow to never again forget the vibrancy of our shared humanity.

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This exploration is open to all who wish to explore the art of co-regulation. This workshop will include both individual and pair practices though it is not limited to romantic partnerships or pairings. These techniques and tools are intended to serve as an offering that can span the diverse web of all of our relations; with self, friends, lovers, partners, and beyond.

Learn somatic techniques for grounding and self-regulation 

Tune into your own nervous system and sense of boundaries

Explore the essence of both giving and receiving

Open the empathic senses of attuning to the field of another

Learn simple hands-on techniques to support another's nervous system

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"you are not me and i am not you,

but you and i are one in the same..."

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