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A gently guided somatic and expressive movement exploration for EVERY BODY.

Re-membering and re-discovering body as creative map and resource.

creature (n.)  

• something created

• a living being; an animate being

• to come forth, spring up, grow, thrive, swell

CREATURE SESSIONS are a gently guided somatic movement arts exploration. Re-membering and re-discovering body as creative map and resource.


We are held and informed by the primordial tides as we awaken the oceanic body of intelligence, creativity and rhythm... These explorations are crafted to awaken the poetic and parasympathetic praises of body, nervous system, psyche and collective web of embodiment.

Through awareness + breath practices, sensing, visualization, free movement/dance and creative inquiry + practice we aspire to resource a deeper awareness and understanding of our embodied anatomy and personal mythology.


We begin with exploring a general theme together (an organ, body system, concept/theme, etc.), weaving a collective web of imagination and then enter into a contemplative solo experience of free movement and transitioning into a creative inquiry + practice. This process allows the opportunity for us to intuitively access the somatic process through art, to land into a tangible perspective of our inner worlds to interact and communicate with.

No dance or art experience required

Every-Body welcome

Art supplies provided + BYO

(we suggest a journal, newsprint/drawing pad, pastels, pencil crayons)

this offering is deeply inspired by the embodied wisdom and works of Liz Koch, Etienne Piersman and the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®

Apr 28, 2024, 2:00 p.m.
Ascend Movement Studio
"May we walk atop the Earth's tender belly with an affirmative grace, so much so that flowers beam with joyous fervour to bloom within the traces of our footprints." — CEB

"the body is our original mother tongue..."

— Esther Perel

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