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Meeting the Moon

A menstrual cycle awareness workshop series for maidens + young womb-holding bodies to learn and explore body literacy and to support + prepare them for their fertile journey ahead.  

Suitable for ages 9 - 11 (pre-menarche)

This series offers a safe, gentle and warm space for maidens to learn about the menstrual cycle and their blooming bodies. Through a blend of lecture/discussion, storytelling, sharing, arts + crafts activities and circling, together we will explore the physical and emotional changes that take place throughout the menstrual cycle. We will also explore resources and best care practices to support ourselves in each phase.

In our current times, where youth are subjected to immense societal and cultural pressures and narratives along with the lack of thorough education available and offered to young women and girls specifically, this series is created to serve as an opportunity to plant seeds of self-love, bodily awareness and autonomy, nurturance and celebration of the female experience and process.


For the caregivers present, this is an opportunity to gather together in support and respect for this life passage and to show them that we are here and listening as they traverse these transitions themselves.

The format of this workshop series typically flows as follows:

✽ 4 week series 

✽ 2 hours per week (approx. 1 hour lecture and discussion + 1 hour art activity/crafting)

✽ group of 6 - 10 bodies 

✽ mothers, parents, guardians or caregivers are welcome to attend 

✽ location is at a willing caregivers home for the consecutive weeks

✽ sliding scale exchange of $160-$220 per family/household (please reach out regarding pay what you can options)

week one

Our Connection to Nature 


week Two

Deep Body Knowing


week THREE

Best Care Practices & Resources

week FOUR

Nurturing Community & Celebration

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Please contact Caitlyn at with any questions, curiosities or concerns you may have.

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