Welcoming the Softness and Opportunity of Spring

Happy Spring Equinox fellow earthlings!

May your skin be soaked in sunshine and your hands be covered in dirt.

This article is an invitation to awaken to the subtle softening and unraveling of spring. To open to the opportunity for reverence and intentional awareness of our ecological and cyclical nature.

With love,

from my heart, to yours.


In almost every sense we (as in Mother Earth and us humans) are undergoing a suave and smooth transformation. An unraveling. As we begin to awaken from a long winter’s slumber, releasing the weight of a colder and quieter season. The anticipation of the arrival of spring may have us feeling a sense of openness that welcomes us to move forward towards the light and to do so with a thoughtful and intentional presence. Within us, we may recognize this shedding to be in the form of layers of clothing and coming out of the inward hibernation that winter invites. Surrounding us, we see the Earth shedding and melting away the blankets of heavy snow and opening herself up to the warmth and illumination of the Sun and his life-giving energies. Within this shedding and opening, there is a vulnerability and nakedness that is occurring. Now is a time to honour the softening of Mother Earth’s soil as well as the soil of our souls to set the foundations in order to grow letting go of the denser frequencies within and without so we can make space for the abundance and growth that is to come.

Planting Seeds... In more ways than one.

The beginning-ness of Spring offers an opportunity to sow seeds in more ways than one… In addition to preparing our gardens, greenhouses and seedlings (and bodies) for this next cycle, we are gifted the opportunity to plant intentions. We are invited by the fertile soils, the nourishing rains and the warmth of the Sun to orientate our focus to bringing forth the energies that we require to stand firmly in our fullest potential and to exist from that space.

The act of surrendering old energies to create space for the new is the initiatory step to growth and inner evolution, but we must remember to also remain open for the fresh energies to emerge. Which is not always an easy feat... This is where we can look to Nature for guidance. We can practice embracing this sense of vulnerability and tenderness that graces the arrival of spring; being carried by warmer winds and brighter