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Grandmother Moon & Massage IV. Ovulation

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

The Cyclical Phases and Massage



Described throughout this series are the four phases of the menstrual cycle, the hormones involved in each phase, the related energetics of the Moon and Earth cycles and the corresponding elemental wisdom. Please keep in mind that each body is unique and not all cycle phases will align with the specific Moon and Earth phases that are listed ~ and that is completely okay, whenever you bleed is perfect! To better understand the nature of your individual cycle, it's most important to take into consideration your own experience of the spiritual significance and archetypal symbolism of the Lunar and Earth phases rather than the specific space and time. I welcome and encourage you to practice curiosity and compassion when exploring this content and to bring awareness to the fluidity and variability that is our internal rhythms especially in regards to the menstrual cycle.

with love,

from my heart to yours...

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"Within the language of our cycle we are given a map and compass by which to harmoniously grow into maturity, by which to have healthy relationships, by which to know ourselves. Your cycle is a language that is always communicating to you, whether you are in alignment with what your body needs or whether there are opportunities for shifts. Cravings, emotional turbulence, discomfort and pain are messages & symptoms that are drawing your awareness to ‘toxins’ in your life or what needs to change." ~ Isabella Wilde


Full Moon | Fire Element | Summer/Summer Solstice

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Ovulation is the peak of our energy as things begin to come into fruition, it is a time for the manifestation of our intentions, projects, creative endeavours, etc. Our energy is now expanding outward, as our bodies are preparing to bear new life! The ovum bursts forth out of the follicle and begins its journey towards the uterine tubes, which is caused by a peak in estrogen and luteinizing hormone (LH). During this time our cervical fluid is the highest fertile quality that it will be all cycle. Women emanate a magnetism at this time, like a full Moon, being called towards what we require to ripen our visions. Whether we are wanting to conceive or not, this is a time of potent energy and power that can be used for all creative projects and our own internal healing to cultivate a feeling of fullness and desire!

"We radiate with enthusiasm and joy. We are fully present to enjoy the beauty and abundance in our lives, and we light up those around us. This is an ideal time to to take the transformational quality of the fire energy to transform negative energies into positive ones, express yourself, and share your beauty and gifts with the world." ~Jing J.

The fire element represents summer, when things reach their peak. The Sun radiates at its highest and brightest and flowers and plants are in full bloom. This is a time of enjoying the abundance that surrounds us and to revere the magic and potency that is our own sacred brilliance.

Massage + Bodywork During Ovulation

One of the most effective uses of massage therapy at this phase of the cycle is pure, complete, embodied enjoyment! The natural heightening of energy at this time can create an opportunity to bring full awareness to our sense of pleasure.

Ovulation is ruled by Pitta dosha in Ayurvedic philosophy and governs the mobilization of toxins leading to excess heat in the body, and in combination with the surge of hormones, breakouts and headaches may occur. Headaches and migraines are seen to improve through the use of massage and using a cooling oil during treatment can also balance the fire/pitta element circulating throughout the system. Increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage can also support the body in mobilizing the toxins that are surging to the surface.

As one of the primary goals of massage therapy is to nourish the parasympathetic nervous system and bring about a sense of peace, treatments can also aid in improvement of sleep disturbances, such as insomnia or restlessness, that may be experienced due to the increase of vitality at this time.

Prioritizing self-care during the ovulatory phase of the cycle can serve as potent medicine through recognizing our worthiness of abundant health. In order to thrive, we must care for, not only the physical body, but the mental, emotional and spiritual as well. Ovulation carries the vibrancy to support aligned and empowered action toward self-love and care. To choose our own pleasure and wellbeing is to harness our power to step forward towards our dreams of thriving and vibrating at our fullest, highest frequency.

Remedial Rituals

Journal Prompts To Support Deeper Exploration

What is in full bloom?

What feels exciting and open? Who do you feel drawn to spend time with?

What creative or expressive projects can you work on now?

How can you show up more fully?

How are you relating to your self-worth now?

What is one way to connect to your sensuality today?

How can you invite in more connection and touch and pleasure?

What can you do this week to explore your openness?



Isabella Wilde ~The Temple of Sisters
Marissa Correia ~ Cyclical Body
Jing J. ~ Cycle Harmony, Five Elements and Your Menstrual Health


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