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your healing can be gentle 

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Our goal is to integrate coherence + resilience in the body. First and foremost, we build trust and allow space for deep rest within the nervous system for a deeper healing to unfold. 

We create a space for unwinding + reestablishing equilibrium. Gentleness, presence, stillness + curiosity serve as portals where coherence reorganizes and remembers itself.  

About the sessionS :
AN INTEGRATIVE + BIODYNAMIC cranio-fascial approach

I personally view the body through two primary lenses: the Craniosacral System's rhythm and the Fascial System's interconnective web. 

We are guided and informed by primary respiration, the life-force that breathes all of nature into being. Through listening to these rhythms, we can gain insight into how the whole ecosystem of the body is relating and expressing itself and where it is requiring a new or different state of balance.  

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) utilizes subtle palpation and deep listening of the craniosacral tides through assessing movement of cranial bones, membranes and continual fluctuation of cerebrospinal fluid throughout the cranium and spinal column. By holding the body with gentle contact we are able to sense the inherent rhythm that permeates throughout the fluid matrix of the entire body. 

Fascia is a fluid connective tissue that weaves through the entire body. Imagine a spider's web spanning from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head. It holds every organ, bone, blood vessel, muscle and nerve fibre in place, creating a dynamic of structural integrity and interdependent communication. It is a sensitive and responsive tissue in the body, it is designed to move with you. Fascia is the mycelial network of the human body. 

This work is a harmonization of science and magic, instinct and intuition, somatics and soul. In approaching the body through the lens of innate intelligence, we can view and relate to the body in a wholistic + visionary way. Each body is experienced as a masterpiece of intricate mechanisms and systems all expressing their essence in connection and communication with one another. Orchestrating a vibrant + poetic ecology, fertile with feeling, wisdom, creativity, and purpose... ever-changing, ever-evolving. 

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Session themes

— Emotional Difficulties, Shock, PTSD, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Grief 

— Sleep Issues + Insomnia 

— Post-Whiplash/Concussion Recovery

— TMJ, Migraine + Tension Headaches, Tinnitus, Vertigo 

— Stress Disorders + General Overwhelm

— Immune System Boosting

— Chronic Pain Patterns + Chronic Fatigue

— OCD, ADD, ADHD, Autism

— Sinus Conditions

— Digestive Issues + Organ Rebalancing

— Being a Sensitive Human Being on Planet Earth

— Integrating A Deep Connection To Your Body 


Treatment details

How many sessions?

For new clients, a minimum of 3 sessions  is preferred as each session evolves and builds upon another. It can take time and patience for the body to retrain, remember and deepen it's own healing. 


We are moving past the paradigm of 'Healer Fixes Client', we work together to allow the unique healing arc to unfold.

One session is better than none, though nervous system re-patterning requires patience and relative consistency. 

Exchange rates:

Initial 75 minutes $135

45 minutes  $95  

60 minutes  $115

90 minutes $165

Adolescent 30 minutes $55

GST included

If you are in financial need, please reach out to to connect on an Honesty Policy Rate.


Payments can be made by e-transfer, credit, debit or cash.

Direct billing for most extended health insurance benefit providers is available.

If you are in financial need, please reach out to to connect on an Honesty Policy Rate.


When booking your appointment, please note that this time is set aside specifically for you and I to work towards your goals. Changing the time or date of your appointment can be done at your convenience online.


Cancellation of an appointment requires 24 hours notice and can be done online or you can email

Late cancellations made between 8-24 hours before the

appointment will be charged at 50%. No shows will be charged at 100%. 


Attune Wellness Studio

435A 304 Street

Marysville, Kimberley, BC.

V1A 1Z0



Opening Hours




11:00 am – 3:00 pm

10:00 am – 3:00 pm 

2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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