harmonizing healing and connection​ with love and intention

The Nectar Nest is an offering from my heart to yours.

This space is to ground, explore, nurture and harmonize healing and connection with love and intention.  My practices and offerings are rooted in weaving together intuitive touch as medicine with the nectar from elemental wisdom, ritual and the human body's innate healing abilities. With a deep affinity for Yogic and Ayurvedic philosophies and teachings, my intention is to hold space and presence alongside you in your healing journey and to help nurture the connection of mind and body through the awareness of radiance that is flowing within.

In addition to offering Registered Massage Therapy sessions, there will be a range of topics that I intend to discuss and explore through the wholistic journal, including ecological and somatic practices/modalities, plant medicine, breath work practices and modalities and a lot of deliciousness that rests in between.

Thank you for visiting me on this platform!



word weaver | massage + craniosacral therapist | peacemaker | botanical alchemist | earth student

My roots in the realm of wellness sprouted from a place of self exploration during a time of navigating many health difficulties including, insomnia, depression and anxiety, joint pain, digestive issues, hormonal dysfunction and an overall feeling of imbalance. With the guidance and wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda along with the formation of a more intuitive and mindful practice of self-care, I began to understand myself more intimately and although I find myself in a much healthier and content state than I was when I began this journey, maintaining balance is still a continuous moment to moment practice!

As I researched and explored further into the depths of my own healing and wellbeing, I began to hear the call to share the potent wisdom of my studies as well as my experience with anyone that may be feeling out of balance, in pain or those who simply desire to tap into and understand themselves more deeply and intuitively. Upon receiving my certification as an RMT, this passion grounded into a beautiful practice as I continue to learn and explore many different facets of wellbeing.

I have been drawn to the realm of botanical studies, wholistic health and healing for most of my life in some form or another. I tend to be consistently curious, especially regarding the human body and the innate nature of wellbeing and interconnection that resides inside us all and how to embody the practices in an accessible and sustainable way with grace and compassion. My deep gratitude and affinity for Nature in conjunction with my admiration and curiosity of the human body leads me to aspire to practice in a grounded, nourishing and wholesome way ~ So here I am!


3000 HR Registered Massage Therapy Certification (WCCMT, Victoria)

Craniosacral Therapy (Heather Gittens ~ Bodhi Tree Teaching Centre)

90 HR Advanced Chakra Sadhana - Yogic Esoteric Anatomy Training (Sn. Shivani Howe ~ Ishtadev Niwas)

 Karma Yoga & Yoga Ecology Training (Ishtadev Niwas Farm & Yoga Ashram)

Currently: Womb Wisdom (Honey Bachan ~ Tej School)