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The Curious Wanderer, The Creative Initiator, The Playful Trickster

an ally for:

  • invokes joy + spontaneity

  • inspires creativity 

  • ignites a sense of reinvigoration and a zest for life

  • dissolves boredom with the mundane/regular routines 

  • encourages curiosity + exploring outside of comfort zones

  • helps to recognize and celebrate our own uniqueness

  • encourages us to dance to our own beat 

  • magnifies synchronicity + contentment 

  • brings hope after loss or life challenges/changes

C $22

30ml stock essence (can easily be further diluted)  


Tropaeolum majus/Nasturtium, comes from the latin "nasus tortus" which translates to meaning "twisted nose" or "nose-tweaker". This speaks to Nasturtium's playful nature, as well as the facial expression people made when they ate the spicy, peppery leaves. Their flavour profile points us to Nasturtiums offer to reinvigorate passion and appetite for life and a sense of vitality. 

Nasturtiums have big, round leaves and bright red, orange or yellow flowers. We can connect this to the creative centres in our bodies. Their beauty is hard to ignore. Nasturtiums facilitate courage in being seen, stepping into our unique selves for purely the purpose of enjoyment and creative expression. They also have a creeping quality to their growth which invites us one to engage in our surroundings with curiosity and exploring outside of our comfort zones.    

Nasturtium flower essence encourages our spiritual and thinking selves to come into balance with our earthly, sensual reality. They bring warmth and creativity into our daily life, motivating us into action or to energize a bored, sluggish or tired system. It can act as a tonic for all of the organs in the lower body. Nasturtium has been known to flush out parasites and toxins from the intestines which signifies both the physical and the etheric cleansing of stagnant emotions  and energies to reveal an uplifted outcome and to allow our true brightness to shine through!


Spring Water (St. Mary's Spring ~ Kimberley, BC.) 

Nasturtium Essence


Preservative (your choice of Brandy or Apple Cider Vinegar) 



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information contained herein is not intended to offer medical advice or to act in any way as a substitute for consultation and advice from a healthcare professional or mental health professional.*

all essences are heartfully, sustainably, prayerfully wildcrafted.

we practice deep listening and honouring of the needs & health of our more-than-human kin and their environments.

Flower Essences (FE) are a form of botanical, homeopathic medicine. A liquid extract that essentially contains the energetic blueprint or signature of the flowering part of a plant. Flower essences carry the distilled wisdom + gifts that each flower has to share with the world through capturing the energetic essence, sacred geometry and resonance harmony of the flower into a water matrix.

Flower Essences are medicine of the Heart + Spirit.

It is the flower essence's subtlety and simplicity that make these medicines so potent. Working with FE requires an opening in our thinking beyond the materialistic assumptions of more and stronger are better. They invite us into presence with gentleness, sensitivity and receptivity to life and it's flourishing potential. FE function beyond the limits of the symptomatic approach of the modern medical system, they are not merely remedies to fix emotional symptoms, rather they serve as catalysts for awareness, transformation and connection.

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