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Moon tending

A gently guided somatic + meditative journey through the gateways of the breath and the spirit of the flora.

We are held by a particular flower each gathering. We begin with inviting the Spirit of the Flora into our bodies, our awareness and our psyches using flower essence remedies. The Breath and Somatic Meditation then serve as gateways to explore the specific characteristics, energetics and teachings of the Flower and how it connects and is interwoven with our current life path.

All flower essences are prayerfully collected and locally wildcrafted with reverence and awe. 


To learn more about flower essences, see here. To wander through the flower essence + herbal apothecary, see here

No experience required. All are welcome.

Please bring a mat, water bottle + journal as well as anything else you need to be comfortable, limited mats/blankets available.

"what a desolate place would be a world without flowers. it would be a face without a smile; a feast without a welcome. are not flowers the stars of the earth? are not our stars the flowers of heaven?"


— Clara L. Balfour

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