Our sessions together will be an opportunity for release and reintegration. By arriving just as you are, it will be a time to honour your body as the brilliant vessel it is and to explore the areas of your being that may be yearning for a little bit of extra love! 


Treatments include intuitively and intentionally addressing your individual needs and treatment goals. I tend to incorporate a combination of beneficial modalities such as myofascial release, pressure point therapy, craniosacral therapy, breathing techniques, therapeutic stretching and movement, all deliciously blended together with the aim to release soft tissue restrictions and aid in balancing the physical, mental, emotional and subtle energetic bodies.


what is craniosacral?

- learning diverseabilities (ADHD, ADD, etc.)

- autism

- chronic fatigue

- emotional difficulties

- TMJ 

- post-traumatic stress disorder

- immune deficiencies 

- practicing receiving touch 

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, non-invasive technique, utilizing subtle palpation and deep listening of the craniosacral tides through assessing movement of cranial bones, membranes and continual fluctuation of cerebrospinal fluid within the cranium and spinal column. We are guided and informed by Primary Respiration, the life-force that breathes all of nature into being. By holding the body with gentle contact we are able to sense the inherent rhythm that permeates throughout the fluid matrix of the entire body. Here we can gain insight into how the whole ecosystem of the body is relating and expressing itself and where it is asking for balance.

I sense craniosacral to be the harmonization of science and magic, instinct and intuition, somatics and soul.


Our goal is to integrate coherence + resilience in the body and in order for a deeper healing to unfold, we must build trust and allow space for deep rest, first and foremost within the nervous system. In relieving tension or pressure throughout this system we intend to support the body on its journey of self-healing and remembrance to integrate a sense of harmony and well-being and to enhance its innate and most optimal functioning. Addressing these deeper structures of the 'Craniosacral System' allows for improvement in seemingly more superficial or muscular complaints. CST has been shown to be especially useful for the following, to name a few:

post-whiplash associated disorder

- migraine + tension headaches

- sinus conditions

- chronic pain patterns 

- tinnitus + vertigo dizziness 

- anxiety 

- insomnia

- integrating a deep connection to your body 


CST is a method that is utilized to view the body in a wholistic and visionary way, to approach each body as a masterpiece of intricate mechanisms and systems all expressing their radiance in harmony with one another to carry out the body's inherent purpose.

I’ve been so fortunate to have met Caitlyn just before a major life transition. Caitlyn is an incredible RMT with the skills and intuition to support deep and complex pain and injury. She is able to therapeutically reach into my muscles in ways that feel like years of compounded damage have gained the necessary attention and awareness to activate healing. 

Caitlyn has helped me enormously in not only her attentive and skillful style of therapeutic massage but also by providing Yogic stretches and strengthening exercises at the end of each session. She is always mindfully checking in during each session and I am so grateful she is opening more availability into her schedule! Caitlyn really cares and I always feel such a sense of well-being and positivity within her presence.

~ B

what is fascia?

more information coming soon...

Initial 75 minutes  $135

45 minutes  $95  

60 minutes  $115

90 minutes $165

Adolescent - 30 minutes $55

GST included
Direct billing for most extended health insurance benefit providers is available.

When booking your appointment, please note that this time is set aside specifically for you and I to work towards your goals. Changing the time or date of your appointment can be done at your convenience online.


Cancellation of an appointment requires 24 hours notice and can be done online or you can email caitlynborowsky@gmail.com

Late cancellations made between 8-24 hours before your appointment will be charged at 50%. 



~ offered at an Honesty Policy rate ~

These sessions are intended for those in need - low income or disadvantaged only.

 If you feel as though massage therapy would be an effective healing modality for you and are unable to meet the standard session rates, please inquire to caitlynborowsky@gmail.com and we can connect on a way to move forward that aligns for you.

*If you are financially comfortable and capable of accessing the standard treatment rates, please book accordingly.



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