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Artful Creature

A gently guided somatic and expressive movement exploration for ALL BODIES.

Remembering and discovering the body as a creative map and resource.

We begin with exploring a general theme together (an organ, body system, myth, creative inquiry, etc.), then enter into a contemplative solo experience utilizing a combination of movement/dance, sensing, visualization and breath, then transitioning into a creative practice (drawing, creative writing, poetry, etc.) allowing us to intuitively access the somatic process through art.

We aim to activate a deeper awareness and understanding of our anatomy, physiology and personal mythology. To free our bodies and connect with our creativity in a resourceful, embodied way with curiosity and play.

No experience required.

all bodies welcome.

supplies provided but feel free to byo

(we suggest newsprint/drawing pad, pastels, pencil crayons)

Gatherings are held at Ascend Movement Studio in Kimberley. 

Limited capacity.

Upon booking you will be required to create a Janeapp account and complete a simple consent + health history form to ensure we are in a similar state of understanding. This is also to ensure I am aware of any relevant health concerns and to hold with you any intentions you may have for the sessions.

"the body is our original mother tongue..."

— Esther Perel

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